Hello world!

As one of the owners of TerraNova (my sister being the other), I am excited to post our first blog!   After 38 years in business, we continue to keep up with the time with stylish and amazing fragrances; new, effective ingredients and fun, pampering products.  With such an illustrious history is ours, what was trendy in 1970, when we started, is now hot again!

We are happy to see that the green movement is back. For us it was always here.  Our founder and my mother, Jane Saunders, invented the idea of refilling bottles to save on plastic!  Shea also was one of the first to use essential oils in products–patchouli, sandalwood, orange, lemon, peppermint and lavender all were essential (no pun intended) ingredients in the 70s!  She was also the first to use natural specialty oils such as Jojoba oil, which was purchased through the chief of an Arizona Indian reservation!

So moving forward, we are now blogging–sooo modern!!!  We have always loved getting the truth out to our customers and, believe me, the internet has spawned a lot of unneccessary concern about the safety of ingredients and the body care products that make us feel so good to use.  In our blog we hope to alleviate some fears and educate.  Plus, we aim to keep you posted on trends, fun ideas about bath and body products,  and information on our products.

We would love to hear from you too and welcome your posts!

Kathy Saunders

Ann, Jane & Kathy (1995)
Ann, Jane & Kathy (1995)

5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Ann, Kathy and all,
    Good to see you are chatting in Cyber world.
    I still love and use your products and it’s great that you are sharing with the world brilliance of your mom’s forward thinking. She was before her time, once again. I applaud your efforts and how you have so beautifully contributed to her legacy and created your own as well.
    Happy New Year! All my best, Murline


  2. Do you have any intentions on bringing back the Oceana body lotion in the near future? I found this lotion at a shop in florida years ago and have used it ever since. If not, do you make anything with a similar scent? This is the best smelling lotion I’ve come across!



  3. When your mani-pedicurist scolds you about your dry cuticles and horny heel calluses, you need to smoothe on some Terra Nova Shea Butter. What a luxurious moisture cream! And you’ll feel virtuous too. It is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy residue. Beats that old-fashioned lanolin by a longshot! I’ve tried other brands of shea butter, but they are waxy, non-absorbent or just plain cheap, oftentimes substituting fragrance for performance. At the end of the bath, I’m in the “happy habit” of smoothing on Terra Nova’s shea butter. It’s money well spent.


  4. Great Blog!
    I love your products, and so do my customers on my website. Your new Jasmine and Lime Blossoms is great, especially the lotion. The new packaging is really nice, I hope you do that for the Sakura line too. It’s not easy for me to replenish when I would like, I’m on a really fixed income, but I try. I will be a loyal customer for life, if I could afford a store, your bath products would be the only ones I sell. I started selling my handmade jewelry on the site first, then added gifts. When I saw your products at the New York Gift Fair I just had to sell them on our site. May God Bless you with lots of success for the future.

    Magical Beads
    New York


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