Happy February from TerraNova

Fall in Love with Peony Bliss!
Classic Rain--Fresh, clean simplicity

February is my favorite month.  My birthday is in February and so is my sister’s–so we have a great celebration with our family and in the office.  Also, I love Valentine’s day!   My mother, our founder Jane Saunders, always made a big deal out of Valentine’s day, and we could always count on beautiful cards from her, no matter how old we were. 

This year we have so much to celebrate at TerraNova.  We have a new ecommerce store where our loyal fans can purchase our wonderful products.  Check out www.store.terranovabody.com  Of course we have may wonderful etailers that continue to support our products including www.ebubbles.com  and www.uncommonscents.com  Plus, there is always www.amazon.com  We are happy our customers have so many great places to shop.  Also, if you are looking for a shop in your neighborhood, please do not hestate to call us at (800) 966-3457!

More celebrations!!!! 

Check out our new packaging for our classic, favorite scent Rain!  Beautiful brustrokes of teal and peach, designed by Sandra Murray of Spotted Dog graphics and inspired by the French expressionist Raoul Dufy and my favorite Madeleine books (I have never forgotten the magical watercolor illustration of Madeleine’s roses that her father sent her when she was in a Paris hospital).  If you have not tried Rain, you MUST!  It is a classic, created in the early 70s in our tiny shop on Berkeley’s Telegraph Avenue.  It is a crystalline scent of dewy clover and spring lilies surrounded by a veil of sheer musk.  It is delicate and sensual; it is a wonderful scent for a woman who wants something fresh and clean.  It is a bit different on everyone’s skin and really becomes your very own personal scent.  http://www.storeterranovabody.com/category-s/1.htm

Our next exciting announcement is our newest fragrance collection, Peony Bliss.  It inspires romance, happiness and confidence–so perfect for this season of love!!!  It is a modern bouquet of velvety peony, delicate violet leaf , wild tuscan iris and mouthwatering honey crisp apple!  Have you ever tasted a honeycrisp apple?  They are amazing!  I had my first one on a recent trip to Washington state.  When you bite into the Honeycrisp, the flavor is at once fruity and floral with the sweetness of honey and exquisityly juicy!!!  This flavor just had to be a part of our newest scent! http://www.storeterranovabody.com/category-s/48.htm


Check out all these exciting additions at www.storeterranovabody.com

We would love to hear from you.  Feel free to post a note!

Kathy Saunders

4 thoughts on “Happy February from TerraNova

  1. Hi Lynne,
    Your message ended up cyberspace, but we now have it!!!! We are happy that you like our products. The easiest way to purchase them is to go to http://www.storeterranovabody.com

    If you enter NEW10 in the coupon code section at check-out you will receive a 10% discount for your first shopping experience!

    You can also call us and we will be happy to tell you as store in your area.

    Thanks so much for your comments!!!



  2. Very appealing website, with great pictures and lovely descriptive writing — made me want to order products. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any prices, or even shopping basket! Then to search for retailers near me, I’d have to enter a lot of information, and wait for a response. Why not just list sites, based on states?

    Make the shopping experience easy for us ADD surfer types 🙂


  3. TerraNova’s shea butter products are ABFAB!!! They are the very best luxury moisturizers I’ve ever used. Finally, my elbows and heels are baby soft. Give them a try….you’ll be thrilled! Plus the fragrances are delish!


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