Making a difference

Like many of you, I’ve been deeply saddened by the developments in the Gulf of Mexico.  Watching oil stained birds barely able to move, giant oil slicks washing up and wreaking havoc on our shores and thousands of men and women stripped of their ability to make a living is intolerable.   I hope that amidst the destruction, our country will find a silver lining and we’ll lead the way towards a more sustainable future that will no longer require us to take such risks in order to keep the world moving forward.   This transformation will take time, dedication and commitment, and the people of the Gulf Coast need our help now.

So at TerraNova, we’ve decided to put together a special edition gift set of Oceana Spa products to help raise money for the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund.  We’ll donate $10.00 of every set sold to the fund which helps communities affected by the spill and will set aside money to clean up our treasured coast.

We thought the Oceana line was perfectly fitting since it features the ocean’s bounty with its Vital Sea Mineral Complex of 7 active sea nutrients that replenishes the skin of vital minerals, trace elements and vitamins.  And its refreshing marine scent invigorates with a touch of salt, violet, cyclamen and sensual a musk.

For $35.00 (retail value is $50), this set will get your body ready for the Summer.  It contains a Detox Pumice Buff which polishes away flaky, dead skin with natural volcanic pumice, and a Cellular Renewal Lotion that penetrates deeply to hydrate and promote cell regeneration.  Your skin will be like new, resilient, youthful and silky-soft.

I’ve been using these products for years, and love to use the pumice on my feet too to scrub away flaky skin.  When we developed the line exclusively for spas, we took a lot of time with the fragrance since we wanted to make it just right so that it captured the beauty, power and vitality of the ocean, and I think we did a pretty good job!  It’s a really wonderful scent that’s invigorating and gorgeous to wear too.

So I hope you will help us raise money for an important cause, and don’t forget, you’ll get pampered in the process!  You can purchase and see more information about this limited edition set on our website

Have a beautiful day.


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