Top Reasons to Give Fragrance as a Gift

Purchasing a fragrance as a gift might seem like a daunting task, but there are many reasons nearly half of perfume sales take place during the holidays.  When you purchase a fragrance for a friend or a relative, you are buying a gift that is both personal and luxurious.  We have put together 5 top reasons to give perfume as a gift, as well as some helpful tips for your perfume purchase — so that you’ll never go wrong with choosing perfume as a gift!

1) A woman can never have too many perfumes.  Even if she already has a signature scent, chances are she’ll love adding a new fragrance to her collection.   Because perfume is a luxury it often comes last on a list of needed beauty products a woman buys for herself.   Your perfume gift will let her try something new.  In addition, fragrance notes come in such a wide variety, having several perfume options on hand ensures that she will always have the right one for any occasion.  For night time, try a scent with musk like Terranova’s signature China Musk, or something with heavier floral notes like Terranova’s Gardenia, Pikake and Tuberose.  For daytime, try something light and refreshing that won’t interfere with her busy day, like Rain, China Rain, China Lily, Shea Blossom and Peony Bliss.

2. Picking a perfume is easy with these helpful tips Consider age and past scents when buying a new fragrance as a gift.  A younger recipient will usually prefer light, renewing scents like Rain, Shea Blossom and China Lily, they’ll love refreshing florals like our Plumeria, White Ginger and Peony Bliss or they’ll prefer something warm and tropical like Tiare Lei and Island Song Coco Mango.  An older woman will prefer more classic blends like our China Rain, Pikake, Tuberose and Gardenia.   If you know what her favorite perfume is, find out what the prominent fragrance notes are in its blends and buy her a new fragrance with notes that are similar.

3. “The language of fragrance is memory” This is a quote I recently read in Allure Magazine,  and it is very true.  Who doesn’t have a perfume they associate with a particular time in their lives?  Connect your gift to a memory you share with the recipient – a vacation to Hawaii or a place you’ve always wanted to visit together – and the gift will be well received especially if you explain your intent.  Our island and tropical fragrances Plumeria, Pikake, White Ginger, Tuberose, Gardenia and Tiare Lei are a perfect escape,  Patchouli always brings up vivid memories and our renewing musk blends like Rain, China Rain, China Musk and China Lily bring their wearer back to a cozy and comforting place.

4) Perfume makes a romantic gift.  For all the husbands and boyfriends looking for the perfect personal gift, perfume is the ultimate choice.  Your gift of fragrance will let her know that you picked out something especially for her, a luxurious product that you imagined her wearing.  And even if she does not like it, she’ll greatly appreciate the effort and will be able to return it to pick another pampering scent!

5) Fragrance gift sets make a complete gift.  Our popular and pampering Value Sets that you’ll find in our Shop Gift Sets section include a body lotion, shower gel and perfume essence in the same fragrance, and will let her layer the scent for a long lasting memorable impression.  These ready made gifts are packaged in a complimentary gold box, with a free white mesh sponge she can use in the shower.  They’ll pamper her with all our fragrant essentials and keep her skin looking healthy and beautiful.

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