Exciting Transformations at Terranova

We are very excited to launch our newest Terranova Rain and Terranova Shea Blossom packaging. As with any line of product, there comes a time when the packaging needs a change to ensure the fragrance’s continuity and long-term success.

Terranova Aire Fragrance CollectionOur challenge is always to infuse new energy in a way that will keep our longtime customers happy, and help us gain new customers along the way. Any time we repackage a line such as our Terranova Rain, we are conscious that some people would prefer for it to always stay the same. As packaging, along with quality and performance, is one of the key components of our success, we always strive to stay on top of industry innovations, as well as home and beauty trends. If our goal were any different, Terranova would no longer be successful. So here are the commitments we made.


Our first important decision in this renewal process was to decide on a brand direction for our Terranova Signature Collection in which Rain, Shea Blossom and our most recent fragrance launch Aire fall into. We needed to create a visually appealing design that would unify all three of these fragrance lines, while letting each collection have its own unique look and personality. Once we had settled on that, we began working on the individual lines. You have already seen the wonderfully alluring packaging of the Terranova Aire Collection.


Terranova Rain Perfume CollectionOur long time Rain perfume customers will be happy to see that we used the same color palette and whimsical illustration of our previous packaging, as they have come to signify Rain to many of you. We also kept the existing bottle silhouettes but added elegant, easier to use silver metal caps and pumps. On the line’s boxes, we applied a shiny finish just on the leaves, flowers and stems for a touchable experience and a just-after-the-rain look. The new packaging is completely recognizable as Rain, yet is refreshed, exciting! All the formulas remain the same.

REFOCUSING HIGH PERFORMING SHEA BUTTER (Now enhanced with miracle African argan, marula and baobab oils!)

Per your comments, it was the Shea Butter products that needed the most attention. We found that our old packaging was no longer adequately translating the rich, high quality ingredients and exceptional performance found in our Shea Butter formulas.   Our graphic designer was thus given the task of paying special tribute to the rich heritage of Shea butter, harvested and used for millennia by African women (even Cleopatra used it!) to treat dry, parched skin.

Terranova Shea Blossom CollectionWhat our talented graphic designer created is breathtaking. The design speaks to Africa’s rich cultural heritage with its Kente cloth/African fabric inspired patterns, and warm, rich color palette. It is eye catching, evocative, beautiful!

We also worked with our chemist to add in demand, miracle African oils – argan, marula and baobab oils – to enhance the moisturizing benefits of our Shea butter-rich formulas for increased softness and elasticity. Everything else in the formulas remain the same. Finally, we changed the name of the line from Shea Butter to Shea Blossom so that this spectacular fragrance gets the special attention it deserves, giving the Shea Blossom Perfume and Cologne sales a boost.

Just like the new Terranova Rain packaging, we added a textural, patterned, clear glossy treatment to the Shea Blossom boxes to give the line an upscale look. The same, easy to use silver caps and pumps were added to the bottles. And perhaps even more amazing, bestselling Terranova Shea Butter Tresses-to-Toes Amazing Moisture Remedy Cream will now be housed in a super convenient, easily squeezable 4.5 oz tube — just a dollop still does wonders to extra dry areas, nails & cuticles, gardener’s hands, hair frizzies and more!

We believe this new look will give all our Signature Collection — Aire, Rain and Shea Blossom — a wonderful boost and heightened presence especially when merchandised together. The new packaging is now shipping, except for the Shea Butter Tresses-to-Toes Remedy Cream tube, which will be ready in just a few short weeks. The jars from our previous packaging are still available for sale until then. Please call us today to place your orders at (800) 966-3457 or visit our website.


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