The Great Spring Break Escape – The Caribbean and Mexico

It’s hard to believe that while most of the country is still buried in snow, Spring is just around the corner!  This month, Terranova will explore some great Spring Break Escape destinations inspired by our authentic fragrance creations along with travel sizes that you can take along with you or use to create your own, at home, retreat.

This week’s Spring Break Escape is to The Caribbean and Mexico where Terranova’s Island Escapes fragrances of Plumeria and Tuberose originate.


Plumerias (also known as Frangipani or the “Lei Flower”) are typically found in clusters on the branches of small plumeria trees that are typically no more than 5-6m in height and can be as wide as they are tall. 1 The flowers, themselves, are characterized by petals with the center of the flower a different color than the rest. Plumerias come in a variety of colors and each color has its own unique fragrance. Some plumerias are described as having a sweet smell, while others can smell like jasmine, peaches or even citrus.  Most notably, in culture, The Plumeria is used to make leis and, in Polynesian culture, the flower can be worn by women to indicate their relationship status – over the right ear if seeking a relationship, and over the left if taken.2


Tuberose, or Tubarosa (meaning ‘tuberous’), is a night blooming plant native to Mexico.3 It grows in elongated spikes up to 45 cm (18 in) long that produce clusters of white, tubular flowers that bloom from the bottom towards the top of the spike.2  Described as a heady, sweet, exotic, complex floral aroma; Tuberose is one of the most expensive natural flower materials available to perfumers because of the difficulty of harvesting it.  Most notably in culture, Hindi legend warns young Indian girls against inhaling its sensual fragrance after dark because it may put them in the mood for love.  It has also been used in traditional medicine as an antiseptic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory  . 4

For an aromatic escape to Mexico and The Carribbean or to experience the beauty of the Plumeria and Tuberose, check out our popular Plumeria and Tuberose fragrance collections today!

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