The Great Spring Break Escape – Tahiti

This week we continue on our Great Spring Break Escape to the island of Tahiti where our product line Tiare Lei , featuring The Tahitian Tiare flower, was inspired.

Tiare, also know as Tahitian Gardenia,  is the national symbol of Tahiti and is often celebrated as the flower of affection.1 Featuring delicate snow-white petals, Tiare is often used in flower leis and are worn by both men and women during special ceremonies and holidays.1  f2b9c3efbdbff955d83e19d1155fe448

The Tiare flower has special significance for The Tahitian people.  If worn behind the left ear, it signifies that the particular person is happily in love, while behind the left ear shows that the person is free and searching for that special someone. If the flower is set on the nape it says, “follow me.”1

During a special process called “enflourage,”  Tiare flowers are picked before the flowers bloom and are put inside refined coconut oil to sit  for 15 days.  It is during this process that the fragrant Monoi Oil is produced.  Monoi Oil has traditionally been used by Pacific Islanders to keep skin and hair naturally radiant and sultry.1

Tiare Lei Collection

To experience the exotic, floral fragrance of The Tahitian Tiare or to discover the nourishing effects of Monoi Oil, check out TerraNova’s Tiare Lei Collection today!

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