Green Your Beauty Routine – Multitaskers

This week kicks off Earth Month (April) and Earth Day (April 22nd).  In celebration, Terranova will be dedicating our posts to ways you can green your beauty routine through product and ingredient knowledge.  Through the years there have been a lot of claims about the dangers of certain ingredients in our beauty products and as part of our mission of “Truth and Beauty” we hope to cut through the clutter and present both sides of these claims so that you, the consumer, can make your own educated decisions.

This week we focus on multitaskers.  What if you could save time and money on your beauty regimen while saving the environment?  Sounds like a great idea right?  Well all that is possible with multitaskers.  Products that perform double or triple duty is one of the first ways you can make your beauty routine more “green.”

When greening your beauty routine, the 3 R’s of sustainability (reduce, reuse, recycle) should come to mind.  According to Jenny Rushmore, global sustainability leader for Procter & Gamble’s beauty and grooming division, “What this means is that recycling is what you do after you’ve already reduced and reused.  It’s better not to buy bottled water than to recycle the water bottle, and that same idea applies to beauty products. Reducing the number of products you buy is the best place to start a more eco-friendly beauty regimen.”[i]

Don’t know where to start?  Check out one of our favorite and most popular multitaskers Rain Remedy Cream or Shea Blossom Remedy Cream.  These amazing moisture creams put the “multi” in “multitask” and can be used on everything from your tresses to your toes!

[i] “The Top 7 Multitasking Beauty Products That Help You While Saving the Environment” – Celebrate Women Today

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