Green Your Beauty Routine – The Truth of Phthalates in Beauty

Phthalates work as softeners in personal care products such as cosmetics and personal care products.  Phthalates have a long and safe history of use and, as consumers, we are exposed to phthalates in air, water, food, plastics, medical devices, and drugs on a daily basis.[i]

The Phthalate that is most frequently used in cosmetics and personal care products is Diethyl Phthalate [DEP) and it wasn’t until theshutterstock_106588088 late 90’s that the use of phthalates (specifically DEP)  in personal care came under scrutiny due to a series of studies that indicated that the use of products containing phthalates caused reproductive & developmental toxicity.[ii]

Since then, The FDA has conducted its own studies to determine whether exposure to DEP contained in cosmetics products presents a human health risk.  To this day, the FDA has concluded that the currently available evidence does not support a concern about DEP’s use in cosmetics and fragrances. Because of its long-term use and safety record, DEP continues to be internationally accepted by global regulatory authorities for these purposes. The FDA says that at the present time, it does not have compelling evidence that phthalates, as used in cosmetics, pose a safety risk.[iii]

Once again, we leave it up to you, the consumer, to determineStoreterranovabody header_300x120-A your “truth & beauty” and invite you to learn more about our phthalate free line of Terranova Bath & Body Care products!

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