Making Fragrance Linger Longer

We’ve all been there…spritz on a bottle of your favorite perfume or fragrance before you head out for the day, only to discover that the smell is gone before you’re even out the door!  Frustrating isn’t it?  The fact of the matter is the way you apply fragrance can have a profound effect on its longevity and ultimately save you some dollars & scents in the future!

Forget what your mom told you about simply spraying on pulse points and rubbing your wrists together…that technique may actually speed up the evolution of the fragrance because of the warmth of the pulse points and may force top notes to “rub off” and your fragrance to disappear faster!(i)

Here are some tried and true tips from the fragrance experts at TerraNova that will help make fragrance last longer on your skin:

  • Dry skin doesn’t hold fragrance well, so make sure your skin is hydrated!  Use a  lotioncream, or body butter that has fragrance notes similar to the fragrance you’re wearing (i.e. floral, citrus, musk, etc.) 

Applying a lightly scented moisturizer, like TerraNova’s Aire Body Lotion, will prolong the scent of perfume on your skin. 
Fragrances with woodsy base notes like Terranova’s Ile de Santal linger longer.
Apply fragrances immediately after bathing or showering with a lightly scented bath & body product, like Terranova Rain Bath & Shower Gel.


We hope these tips will have you getting the most out of your fragrances.   If you’re looking for the perfect fragrance, make sure to check out Terranova’s entire line of authentic fragrances today!


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(i) Daily “Fragrance Hacks:  How to Make Expensive Perfume Last Longer.”  by Sarah Barnes 

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