Show-Off Summer Skin Tips

Summer is here and along with the hotter temperatures comes shorts, tanks, dresses, and more opportunities to show some skin!  Here are our top tips to make sure you have show-off summer skin this season:

  • Slough Away Dry Skin – One of the most effective ways to exfoliate during the summer is to use a scrub on dry skin before your shower and pay special attention to areas like knees and elbows.  We recommend Terranova’s Tiare Lei Buffing Body Wash with crushed bamboo and coffee.

    Terranova's Tiare Lei 's Buffing Body Wash provides gentle exfoliation before sunless tanning
    Terranova’s Tiare Lei ‘s Buffing Body Wash Provides Gentle Exfoliation
  • 3 Minute Rule – Make sure to moisturize with a rich body cream within 3 minutes after toweling off, when pores are still open and ready to absorb moisture.  For extra rich hydration, we recommend trying a nourishing body oil with Vitamin E.

    Terranova's  Silky Body Oils  Provide fragrant, hydration.
    Terranova’s Silky Body Oils Provide Fragrant, Hydration.
  • Love Your Legs – The trick to sexy summer legs is to alter how the light reflects on the skin surface.  We recommend trying a moisturizer with light reflecting properties like Terranova’s Pikake Shea & Coco Body Butter with mica, a natural mineral that illuminates skin.

    Terranova's Body Butters are infused with a natural ingredient to add a healthy glow to your new tan
    Terranova’s Body Butters Illuminate Skin
  • Give Yourself A Hand – The thin skin on our hands wrinkles and pigments easy, so be sure to put sunblock on them and hydrate with a non-greasy cream (give Terranova’s Remedy Creams a try).

    Terranova Remedy Creams Provide Non-Greasy Moisture
    Terranova Remedy Creams Provide Non-Greasy Moisture
  • Tint Yourself Beautiful – If you want to give your blotchy or uneven skin tone the appearance of being more even, try mixing a little of your foundation with your favorite lotion for natural coverage in the summer.

Terranova wishes you a great summer full of fun and show-off summer skin! 🙂

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