Marula Oil – The Newest “Super Beauty” Oil

Marula fruit in a bowl
Marula oil is harvested from marula fruit

When it comes to beauty, we are all in constant search for that one magic product that can do it all and the newest “super beauty” oil, marula oil, may be the answer to your beauty prayers!  This amazing oil is fast absorbing, super hydrating, and won’t cause break outs.

Harvested from the marula fruit in South Africa, marula oil contains a high amount of natural anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids that mimic the natural oils your own skin produces.  These oils protect your skin from environmental damage (like sun, pollution, wind, etc.) that can cause premature aging, and they penetrate deeper and quicker into your skin than traditional hydrating oils.

Terranova's Shea Blossom Body Oil
Terranova’s Shea Blossom Body Oil provides hydration to skin without clogging pores

Because marula oil absorbs so quickly into the skin, it won’t clog pores…which is a big plus for acne sufferers.  Plus because of its anti-microbial properties that fight bacteria, it can actually heal existing acne.  Marula oil can also help acne prone skin from over-producing oil and, as a result, reduce the number of future breakouts.

Marula oil can also do wonders for your nails. Because of marula oil’s small molecule makeup, it has the ability to penetrate the nail bed quicker without leaving behind greasy residue or drying out the nail and cuticle.

Finally, for hair, marula oil provides lightweight moisture that won’t flatten your hair.  It heals, coats, and smooths your hair cuticle (the outermost layer of your strands) for a frizz-free coif…which is a beautiful thing!

Terranova Shea Blossom Remedy Cream provides weightless moisture for hair
Terranova Shea Blossom Remedy Cream provides weightless moisture for hair

To experience all the beautiful benefits of this all-in-one super beauty oil, check out these products in Terranova’s Shea Blossom Collection:

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