Picking The Perfect Wedding Day Fragrance


It’s almost wedding season and while the thought you put into your wedding invitations, photographer, gown, hair, shoes, make-up will be noticed…nothing will capture the moment more than the fragrance you wear as you’re walking down the aisle!  As Coco Channel, once said perfume is the “ultimate accessory.”  The fragrance you choose will set the mood and trigger memories of your wedding day forever!

The fragrance experts at TerraNova advise that you match your scent to your wedding venue and wedding style to find the perfect signature scent for your special day!


If You’re Getting Married in a Church or Estate…

PO-277-92-C-2TA classic wedding venue deserves a classic wedding fragrance!  Pikake, known as “The Hawaiian Wedding Flower” or “Flower of Love” is a classic fragrance made with Hawaiian jasmine blossoms (or Pikake).  It is known for its delicate, yet lasting, floral scent.  $17.50 for an alcohol-free 0.4 fl oz bottle.


If You’re Getting Married in a Garden…

Lotus blush frontIf you’re exchanging vows outside, surrounded by blooms, look for fragrances with florals with a citrus top note.  Lotus Blush is a delicate fragrance that balances florals and citrus for a lovely, feminine aroma. With top notes of juicy mandarin, pear and freesia petals, this scent is rounded with dewy lotus blossom, bamboo and amber. $18 for an alcohol-free 0.375 fl oz bottle.


If You’re Getting Married on the Beach…

oceana frontThe perfect perfume for an oceanfront affair, like it’s name implies, Oceana evokes the coolness of sea spray and the energy of rolling waves with a complex scent of layered marine moss, green leaves, jasmine and spice. $18 for an alcohol-free 0.375 fl oz bottle.


If Your’re Getting Married in an Elegant Ballroom…


Just like your wedding, your perfume should be bold and rich!  China Musk is a clean, fresh and alluring scent of delicate white musk, artfully blended with Chinese blossoms, sparkling citrus and creamy hints of vanilla spice.  $18 for an alcohol-free 0.375 fl oz bottle.


Wishing you a day full of love, happiness, and fragrant memories to last a lifetime! 

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