The Scent of Attraction

Was your Valentine’s Day spent  on the sofa, with a pint of ice cream, watching reruns of “Mad About You”?  If you’re feeling unlucky in love, perhaps the fragrance you’re wearing is attracting the wrong type of person.Young beautiful couple with present isolated on white

According to a survey by The Perfume Shop, 1 in 10 people have had a ‘liaison’ with someone based on the scent they were wearing and a fifth of them simply talked to someone based on the fact they were attracted to their scent.1

Here’s some tips to attract Mr./Ms. Right from the fragrance experts at Terranova!

The Creative Type

TerraNova Shea Blossom –  Creatively Captivating!

Creative types are drawn to originality!  Therefore, we recommend wearing a fragrance that attracts noses that are drawn to scents that are out of the ordinary, like Terranova’s Shea Blossom Collection.   Inspired by the bursting blooms of the sacred African Shea tree, Shea Blossom is laced with sun-kissed florals, green citrus and warm spice.

The Extrovert

Ile de santal front
TerraNova Ile de Santal – Bold and Beautiful!

The Extrovert is drawn to boldness!   To attract these types, we suggest wearing fragrances with strong notes like Terranova’s Ile de Santal, containing notes of creamy coconut and musky sandalwood. This scent is sensual, deep and warm, and is a wonderful unisex fragrance for men and women alike.

The Sensitive Type

TerraNova Aire – Softly Seductive!

When attracting these types, think “soft” and “delicate.”  We recommend light florals like Terranova’s Aire Collection, a light-on-your-feet scent containing notes of freesia, muguet, citrus, white tea, oak moss and sheer musk.

The Adventurous Type

Terranova Tiare Lei – Attractive & Adventurous! 

Adventure seekers are thrill seekers!  We recommend wearing a fragrance that will transport them to a fragrant, tropical paradise like Terranova’s Tiare Lei Collection.  Tiare Lei is a heartfelt tribute to the ancient Polynesian tradition of lei giving – an essential ritual of the aloha spirit – and celebrates the enchanting fragrance of Tahitian tiare, the Tahitian gardenia, one of the Pacific Islands’ most beloved and precious flowers.

Give our tips a shot and make sure Valentine’s Day 2017 doesn’t stink!


1 “How What Fragrance You Wear Could Attract Different Types of People,”, February 15, 2016.



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