Tips to Increase Mother’s Day Sales

Mother's DayMother’s Day is Sunday, May 14th. With the average person spending $163 on mom, and 84 million+ moms in the US, this is a day you can not afford to miss out on as a retailer!

Here are a few tips from TerraNova on how to cash in on Mother’s Day gift sales:

  • Bundling – One of our favorite ideas is bundling! Take some smaller items you have that go together (like Perfume Oils and  Lotions or Shower Gels) and put them together in baskets or tied together with ribbons. Do you sell spa socks or house slippers?  You could bundle them with a foot cream and sell it as a “Pampering Foot Set”!  Now, what mom couldn’t use some of that?
  • Create a Special Display – Up by the front of your store, put together a small display of merchandise you know moms would love. This can be as simple as pulling together some cologne mists and massage oils;  along with robes, slippers, candles, picture frames, etc.; arranging them tastefully, and putting up a sign about Mother’s Day with them.
  • Create an Online Gift List – If you are an e-tailer or a retailer with an online presence, you can make gift giving convenient and create a special page with a gift suggestions.  This page could be anything from a static page telling customers suggested items for mom available in your store, to an interactive page that asks a series of questions to find the perfect gift for mom, or a e-commerce enable page for customers to purchase items directly online.
  • Promote – Come up with an email campaign to let your customers know that you have the perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day. Start sending your emails between a month or 2 weeks beforehand. Send your gift list, announce any special products or baskets you’ve created, send out special Mother’s Day coupons, or invite them to any special events your store is holding. Don’t forget your social followers. You can announce special products on social media but the best strategy for promoting on social media is trying to engage your customers!   This can be done with contest (i.e.a Throwback Thursday contest on Facebook or Instagram asking your followers to upload a picture of mom from way back when and tag you in it. The follower who gets the most likes gets a shopping spree for them and mom…or something more affordable for you).

Whatever you do this Mother’s Day, get creative and take advantage of this profitable holiday!

MOthers day wholesale home page slide
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