How to Pick the Perfect Summer Fragrance

Group of Friends Running Into the Water Wearing Snorkeling Gear

Summer is almost here and with temperatures starting to rise, it’s important that we pick the right fragrance to keep us smelling summer-fresh!  Here are a few tips from the fragrance experts at TerraNova on how to pick the right perfume this summer.

  • Pikake Cologne
    Cologne Mists are a great alternative to heavier perfumes in the summer.

    Go for the lighter version of the perfume that you normally use.  For instance, if you typically wear perfume essences in the fall/winter, we suggest trying a cologne mist or alcohol-free body mist or body splash.  These typically have lighter scent than perfume oils and, in the case of body mists or body splashes, provide extra moisture and soothing properties for sun-parched summer skin.

  • When you are looking for a summer fragrance, citrus or wood-based perfumes are good options. Citrus-based perfumes (like TerraNova’s Shea Blossom) are “breezier,” while wood-based perfume (like TerraNova’s Ile de Santal) that contain notes like sandalwood, smell better, last longer, and helps keep you cool during the warmer summer months.
  • FqQhlpU5xKWlxuf-BVg30zcN0uTSNaoiFH4W0WeVRes
    Citrus-based or fruity fragrances are crisp and captivating scents for summer!

    You could also try single-note perfumes that last longer and don’t get pungent in hot weather. Go for scents like jasmine,  gardenia, white ginger or tuberose that will endure on your skin during the summer heat without being too over-powering.


With the right fragrance choice, you can smell summer-fresh all season long! Let the summer fun begin! 🙂


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