Boost Your Fragrance Sales with”Fragrance Wardrobing”

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Today’s woman will purchase several fragrances to suit life events, occassions, or activities. 

Why own 1 bottle of perfume when you can own several?  The mentality that, at one time, only applied to shoes, clothes, and accessories is now the trend in fragrance!  The idea of having a “signature scent” has “evaporated” and has been replaced with the idea of having several scents suited toward the event, occasion, or activity.   A concept that can be beneficial for any fragrance retailer!

This fragrance trend is said to have originated in the United States where identity  is more “flexible.”  Long gone are the days where women identify themselves as a working woman, housewife, mom, etc.  Today’s woman has several identities and will purchase an average of 5 to 8 scents to match the energy and experience of each occasion.1

When introducing Fragrance Wardrobing to your customers start with base fragrances that go on like your favorite pair of blue jeans!

When introducing a customer to the idea of fragrance wardrobing, we like the advice of Sonia Rykiel, a fashion designer and perfume maker, who says to treat it like a fashion wardrobe, begin with a base scent and then add others, “just like you would add a belt to an outfit.”2  So for someone who is a fan of the clean, powdery notes of TerraNova’s China Rain, a great add-on would be something like TerraNova’s China Musk, which has notes of citrus and vanilla.  Both notes are inoffensive and pretty much go with everything like a pair or blue jeans or white shirt.

Another wardrobing recommendation would be something with notes of rose or jasmine, which Rykiel relates to the proverbial “little black dress of fragrances.”2  Something like Terranova’s China Lily, with notes of Pink Chinese Jasmine, would be a great wardrobe add-on for someone looking for a fragrance to wear for an evening out like that little black dress with the simple pearl necklace as an accessory.

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Fragrance Wardrobing can be easily accomplished with TerraNova’s Traditions line featuring 4 Classic fragrances and the recent introduction of 4 NEW original creations!  

Want to give your fragrance sales a boost?  Give fragrance wardrobing a try!   By adding TerraNova’s NEW Traditions Collection (i.e. Lotus Blush, Ile de Santal, Oceana, and Fig & Sambac) to your existing TerraNova Traditions Classics (i.e. China Rain, China Musk, China Lily, and Patchouli), for instance, you’ll be able to  help stimulate add-on sales with your existing TerraNova fan-base and attract new customers to your TerraNova line.

Cash in on this exciting trend today with TerraNova’s Annual Fragrance Event happening June 1st through June 30th!

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1  “Fragrance Trend:  Marketing & Formulating Lifestyle Scents,”  Deanna Utroske, October 26, 2015,
2 “Perfume Promiscuity: Why Signature Scents Are a Thing of the Past,” Jennifer Goldstein, October 20,2014,

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