Fragrance & Body Care to Help the Summer Linger a Little Longer

With the kids going back to school and The Labor Day Holiday weekend approaching, it’s the unofficial start of the fall season.  However, if you aren’t quite ready to accept that reality and want to hold on to summer for  a little longer, get a whiff of these TerraNova fragrance, bath and body favorites and make your summer linger a little longer!

Get that “at the beach” feeling all year long with TerraNova’s Oceana Perfume Oil. Evoking the coolness of sea spray and the energy of rolling waves, this alcohol-free fragrance layers marine mist, green leaves, jasmine and spice.

TerraNova’s Oceana Perfume Essence is a fresh, modern & renewing fragrance that will help summer linger year round.


Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with TerraNova’s Ile de Santal Perfume Oil. This alcohol-free, unisex fragrance uses notes of creamy coconut, smooth sandalwood and sensual white musk for fragrance that lasts all day long.

TerraNova’s Ile de Santal Perfume Essence is a sexy, rich, and warm fragrance that will transport you to a place where summer never ends.

Inspired by the bursting blooms of the shea tree that grows in the warmth of the African sun, TerraNova’s Shea Blossom Collection features sun-kissed florals, green citrus and warm spice…making everyday feel like summer!

TerraNova’s Shea Blossom bursts forth with citrus & sun-kissed florals that will make every day feel like a bright summer day! 

Escape to the islands, where summer lives on year-round, with TerraNova’s Tiare Lei Fragrance Collection.  Tiare Lei features the Tahitian Tiare (or Tahitian Gardenia), one of the Pacific Islands’ most beloved and precious flowers.  This collection is a tribute to the ancient Polynesian tradition of lei giving!

TerraNova’s Tiare Lei Collection features the Tahitian Tiare, monoi, awapuhi, mango butter, and kukui nut oil for that summer vacation feeling.


Just because summer is coming to an end, with TerraNova, you don’t have to smell like it is.  Have a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend!

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