Fabulous Skin Care Tips to Transition Into Fall


Your skincare routine is a lot like your wardrobe…it should change according to the seasons.  Just like a pair of jeans, one moisturizer or body cleanser doesn’t fit all!  Here are TerraNova‘s tips for transitioning your skin care and body care routine from late summer heat to early autumn chill :


Moisturize! During the summer, a light weight body lotion may work for you, particularly if you have oilier skin.  However, in the autumn, you might want to consider switching to something that offers more hydration like a bath & body oil, body cream or body butter.

TerraNova’s Silky Body Oils provide non-greasy, lightweight hydration.

A body oil can help enhance the quality of your skin during fall/winter months because they soak quickly and deeply into skin, leaving it moisturized all day long.  While lotions and creams provide moisture, as we age, your skin’s ability to retain moisture becomes compromised.  Therefore, you might apply a rich moisturizer and still feel dry.  Body oils provide a way to lock in moisture and protect it from further damage.  In spite of their name, body oils (like TerraNova Silky Body Oils) are non-greasy, lightweight, and incredibly hydrating.  Use them alone, in your bath, or pair it with your favorite lotion for extra hydration!




TerraNova Creams and Butters provide a barrier to keep moisture in the skin.

Lotions, because of their higher water content, typically work well in the heat of the summer but if you feel that your skin is still dry and scaly in the fall, try switching it up to a body cream or body butter.

Creams and butters have a higher concentration of oil as opposed to water. Therefore, they are best used immediately after your shower or bathe when your skin has soaked up the water like a sponge. Applying cream then creates a layer of oil that locks the moisture in your skin. The water does not evaporate, and your skin stays hydrated.

Incorporate exfoliation into your routine with TerraNova’s Gentle Agave Wash Cloth that can be used with your existing body cleanser

Exfoliate!  Although many people think that exfoliating would increase skin dryness, the opposite is true.  Introducing a body scrub (like TerraNova’s Tiare Lei Buffing Body Wash with Bamboo & Coconut) once or twice a week, can actually help treat flaky, parched skin by removing dead skin cells so that it is more receptive to your body oils, creams, butters, or other moisturizers.  If a scrub is not enough, also consider incorporating a exfoliating bath & body accessory.

Consider switching from soap to bath & body gels. Fragrant soapy scrubs might feel (and smell) wonderful after a day at the beach, but they may dry out your skin during fall. We suggest switching to a to a gentle, sulfate-free, hydrating cleanser (like Terranova’s Shea Blossom Shower Cream with Hydrating Blue Agave).

Keep your skin hydrated with a sulfate-free cleanser like Terranova’s Bath & Body Gel.  Gentle enough for use as a shampoo too!


Ultimately, when in doubt, evaluate your personal factors—age, the climate you live in, skin type, etc.—and then decide what works best for you as you fall into your autumn skin care routine!


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