Shop Small…Shop Special This Holiday Season

TerraNova is a family owned small business that has been producing naturally inspired personal care products for over 45 years. 

If you’re wondering how you can make a difference and give something truly special this holiday season, TerraNova encourages you to shop small business.  Although most of us know that shopping small business is a good thing…some of us may not really know why.

Here’s some key reasons why shopping small is so important to our economy:

1.)  Over the past decade, small businesses have generated over 63 percent of the net new jobs available in the United States, and currently employ almost half of the nation’s workforce.  Since most small businesses buy products from domestic manufacturers, when you buy from a small business,  not only are you are supporting jobs in your own community, you are supporting jobs in small towns across the country.

2.)  When you buy small, you have a better chance of buying products that aren’t made by exploited or abused workers that are overworked and underpaid.  In addition,  85 percent of small business owners pay all of their employees more than the minimum wage, so it is more likely that you will be supporting fair wages.

3.)  Small business, like TerraNova that produces naturally inspired fragrances and bath/body care, have a deeper connection to the environment.  Because small businesses typically purchase supplies/products domestically or locally, they have less of a negative impact when transporting goods.  Conversely, big companies typically get their products overseas and have to use aircraft to transport which greater fuel consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions per mile than any other mode of transport.

So when you’re wrapping up your holiday gift shopping this season, remember shopping small business is worth it for the environment, the economy, and your local community.   Proof that good things do come in small packages!

Support small business  by shopping TerraNova online or visiting one of our small specialty retailers!  

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