Terranova Body Oils: Awesome Uses Beyond Moisture & Massage

One of Terranova‘s top selling products is our Moisturizing Body Oils, which many love for massage.  However,  beyond massage and hydrating dry skin, did you know that our  natural & soothing oils have the power to do so much more?

Terranova’s Natural Body Oils have the power to do so much more than massage and moisturize!


Here are some ideas that you may not have thought of that go beyond just massaging & moisturizing:

  • Manicure – Rub a dab of body oil on your cuticles to soften them.
  • woman tenderly touching her feet
    Pamper your feet with a pedicure using Terranova Body Oils

    Pedicure – Massage a generous amount of body oil on your feet before bed-time and put on some cotton socks to allow it to penetrate for soft, moisturized feet in the morning!

  • Fragrance – For our customers that prefer a softer version of our fragrances, apply a small amount on pulse points (i.e. wrist, back of knees, neck, etc) for a subtle hint of your favorite Terranova fragrance.
  • Shaving – What a close, nic-free shave?  Rub body oil on your legs (like you would a shave cream) to reduce shaving irritation and eliminate the need for post-shave moisturizer.
  • Happy young woman applying hair conditioner
    Treat your dry tresses with a deep conditioning treatment using Terranova Body Oils  

    Frizzy Hair – Place 1 to 2 drops of body oil in your hands and gently run through your hair (focusing on dry ends) to help eliminate frizz.

  • Deep Conditioning for Hair –  Give your hair a deep conditioning oil treatment by combing a generous amount of body oil through your tresses at night.  Then, put it up in a loose bun  on the top of your head and go to sleep (we recommend putting a towel over your pillow) .  Shampoo in the morning and enjoy!
  • Body Exfoliator – If rough, scaly skin is an issue; you can make a really simple sugar scrub using a 2 to 1 ratio of sugar to body oil.  Simply mix it in a bowl and massage in a circular motion on skin and shower off.

Check out TerraNova’s entire collection of moisturizing body oils to renew your skin and spirit today!



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