You Smell Like You’re Losing Weight?

With the new year coming up, many of us are thinking about our resolutions for 2017.  If one of those resolutions is to lose weight, just know that you could be losing your fragrance too (gasp)!



The oils in our skin help dissolve and retain scent molecules.   When you have more oil in your skin, the stronger and longer lasting your fragrance.  When you’re on a low-fat diet, however, you will have less oils in your skin causing your fragrance to not last as long.

scale-403585_1920 Just as each one of us has fingerprints that are unique to us, we also have “scent prints” that are a sum of our genes, our chemistry, our diet, medications, stress levels, and (most importantly) body temperature.1  Since some of us have more fat layers on our skin, fragrance & perfume will have a different smell on our skin based on those factors. When you lose weight, you will decrease the layers of fat in your skin, which will lower your body temperature and affect how long a fragrance will last and how it will smell on you.


TerraNova‘s Petal Soft Lotions can help your fragrance stay when your losing lbs!

So what’s the solution?  Not diet would be my vote!  However, if getting rid of the 10 lbs you put on eating that holiday fruit cake is a must,  we recommend simply putting an emollient on your skin (like lotion, butter or cream) to slow down the rate of evaporation.  Now, if only losing weight were that easy!


1 “Everything you need to know about fragrance,” Taryn Davies,






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