Retail Tips for Valentine’s Day Sales

Young beautiful couple with present isolated on whiteIf you’ve been in the retail game a while, you know that the only other holiday that’s worse than Christmas Eve for procrastinators (namely of the male variety) is Valentine’s Day!   This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday.  Here are some tips to be ready for the cupid-fueled chaos with these retail tips:

  • Create a featured Valentine’s Day display – Pull all of your Valentine’s Day related merchandise (including  fragrance, bath & body, jewelry, cards, etc.) to the front and center of your store to make it easy for those panic-stricken shoppers to find.
  • Take it to the customer – Make shopping with you super fast and convenient by setting up Valentine’s Day items outside your shop along with a cash register so that customers don’t have to fight their way into the store and search.
  • Create your own gift baskets – Shoppers that shop last-minute want everything done for them.  Pull several related products together (i.e. massage oil, body lotion, and bubble bath make a great spa basket), arrange them in a gift box or basket, wrap in cellophane with a pretty pink or red bow on top and voila…instant grab and go gift gratification!


Pulling several related products together, like TerraNova’s Rain Collection, makes a fast grab and go gift for your customer!


  • Offer gift wrapping services – Again, last-minute Valentine’s Day shoppers love everything to be ready to give.  So, make their lives easier by offering gift wrapping services.  They’ll love you for it!
  • Get the word out – All the planning in the world isn’t going to help if no one knows about it.  Send out an email blast to your customers and post on social media letting them know about your Valentine’s Day offerings and specials.

Follow these practical tips to maximize your sales this Valentine’s Day and, we promise, you’ll make this holiday one that any retailer would fall in love with!

January 10th – January 22nd, 2017 – purchase any 2 cases of TerraNova Perfume Essences and receive a free case assortment of New Tradition Perfume Fragrances!  



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