Our Story

This year we celebrate the 37th anniversary of the business our mother, Jane Saunders, founded.

Jane’s story is inspiring. In 1970, Jane was 50 years old and a
stay-home mom. With $750 and a dream, she and her sister-in-law, Peggy
Saunders Short, opened the original The Body Shop in a tiny boutique on
Berkeley’s famous Telegraph Avenue.

Inspired by the local, vibrant counter-culture, plus her interest in
healthy living and the environment, she created pioneering body care
products all formulated with natural, biodegradable ingredients.
Lotions and bubble baths were custom scented for each shopper with
Jane’s fanciful fragrances. Packaging was spare — nothing wasteful.
Bottles could be returned for refilling.

The name, The Body Shop, was in homage to the store’s location; CJ’s
Old Garage, a former auto body shop, converted into a “hippie” mall.
Jane’s vision and products were an instant success. In the first year,
the store sold 16 tons of soap, hand cut from large slabs, with
fragrances like Chocolate, Strawberry Yogurt and Patchouli.

The business quickly grew into a small Bay Area chain of stores and
a substantial wholesale operation owned and run by us Jane’s daughters.
In 1987, the trademark The Body Shop was purchased by a British company
of the same name. At that time, we became TerraNova® — which means “New
Earth”, reflecting our commitment to the earth, through modern,
effective plant-based bath and body products.

Jane SaundersToday
our mother’s inspiration continues to guide our company. As Jane best
put it, “Our goals have always been simple. We want to make a good
product, which we learn to do by listening to our customers. We want to
be mindful of the earth and its resources, which we are. And we want to
enjoy our work. That seems more than enough to us.” Our mother passed
away a few years ago, but we remain devoted to her original vision.

TerraNova remains a small, family-run company, offering individual
assistance. Rest assured that our quality formulations are produced
under the strictest standards of safety, with no animal testing.

We thank you for your patronage, and look forward to a successful partnership.

Ann Saunders Gordon Kathy Saunders
Ann Saunders Gordon Kathy Saunders
President Vice President

4 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Hi Leslie. Thank you so much for your post. I’m glad you were able to find Rain again. It has been a favorite by our customers since Jane started Terranova back in 1970…a real classic! I’m wondering if you might share with us where you found our product in Canada as we often have people looking for it there and would love to be able to refer them? Thanks again for being a fan! 🙂


  2. Hi there, I live in Canada and approximately 30 years ago my sister came back from California with a bottle of your Rain body lotion that I immediately fell in love with! She then refused to share it with me and when I saw the bottle again, the company name had worn off! There was no internet back then to check resources. I could never get the scent of that Rain lotion out of my mind. It was so clean and beautiful. I have checked drug stores, department stores over the years, and even tried the internet when it became available. Yesterday I was in a store that carries interesting things and I saw a bottle with the label Rain on it not expecting that it would be the fragrance. The sales girl let me smell it and I couldn’t believe it! It only took 30 years of trying and never forgetting that incredible frangrance. I am so happy and hopefully I can have the entire Rain line shipped to me! I am so glad you still make it. warmest, Leslie Jones


  3. Hi,
    I just bought your RAIN body lotion today while out shopping at lunchtime in Tacoma Park, MD. I love the scent! It also reminds me of the rain scented lotion that I used to buy many years ago in Sonoma, CA at the The Bath Factory on the plaza (which is no longer there nor online). Are you by any chance related to that group as well? (Their store was a favorite of mine.) So glad I found your lotion.


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