Hibiscus – The Natural ‘Botox’ Plant

Hibiscus is a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family, with several hundred species native to warm, tropical regions.1 It’s beautiful flowers are trumpet-shaped and come in a variety of vibrant colors.  Many cultures use the hibiscus flower and other parts of the plant for teas, jams, spices, soups, and sauces.  In addition to all the … More Hibiscus – The Natural ‘Botox’ Plant

Getting the Most Out of Your Lotions & Moisturizers

How hard can it be?  You find a lotion or moisturizer that smells heavenly and you slather it on when your skin feels dry…right?  Wrong!  The truth is you may not be getting all of the benefits out of your lotions if you aren’t applying them right. Applying your moisturizer correctly,  boosts skin hydration, prevents flaking … More Getting the Most Out of Your Lotions & Moisturizers

Green Your Beauty Routine – Multitaskers

This week kicks off Earth Month (April) and Earth Day (April 22nd).  In celebration, Terranova will be dedicating our posts to ways you can green your beauty routine through product and ingredient knowledge.  Through the years there have been a lot of claims about the dangers of certain ingredients in our beauty products and as part … More Green Your Beauty Routine – Multitaskers

The Great Spring Break Escape – The Caribbean and Mexico

It’s hard to believe that while most of the country is still buried in snow, Spring is just around the corner!  This month, Terranova will explore some great Spring Break Escape destinations inspired by our authentic fragrance creations along with travel sizes that you can take along with you or use to create your own, … More The Great Spring Break Escape – The Caribbean and Mexico